The Gallery at the Kranzberg Arts Center is proud to present a new exhibit, “White Ghosts” by local artist and animator Sarah Paulsen from Friday, September 1 through Saturday, October 21, with a special opening reception from 6-9 p.m. on September 1 in conjunction with Grand Center First Friday Gallery Walk. The show title, “White Ghosts,” is meant to evoke the name Native Americans gave to early white settlers, the elusive search for ancestral identity, and the historical and foreboding erasure of ethnic identity that occurred for many immigrants as they assumed a white identity in the U.S.

“Through books and films, I have sought to deepen my understanding of the invention of race in the U.S. and started to recognize and acknowledge unspoken white cultural values. I began to illustrate these values using collaged imagery in the series hidden white norms,” says Paulsen. “As a result of my investigation, I began to have a sense of longing to answer questions about my ethnic heritage and cultural identity.”

Paulsen began exploring her own family’s culture, searching family photographs and pinpointing and cataloguing the repeated family traditions and rituals they documented. “Painting these images in a small format, I wanted these painting to have the feel of a Polaroid,” she says.

About The Artist

Sarah Paulsen is an artist and animator from St. Louis. With art projects ranging from parades and happenings to social justice documentaries and portrait paintings, she has been inspired by the communities she has met. A Spanish speaker, she has visited Spain, Mexico, and South America.

Her work has occurred at spaces around the U.S. including: Regional Arts Commission, Three Rivers College, Morehead State, Gallery 210, Mildred Lane Kemper Museum, BS Gallery, Hub Bub, Fort Gondo, and Ragtag Cinema. 

She received her MFA from Washington University in 2007. Teaching in the past with Forest Park Community College, C.A.M., SLAM, and SCOSAG, she currently instructs art at Marian Middle.  She is a 2010 CAT fellow with recent projects including: founding the People’s Joy Parade and the Chautauqua Art Lab, and coordinating SGCI Cherokee Events.  She was named the 2010 RFT Best Local Artist.

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