With only 23 days until graduation, Washington University graduate workers, students, faculty and community allies will rally at the University’s 2018 Arts & Sciences Distinguished Alumni Awards Dinner on Wednesday, April 25. The protest is set to raise awareness of issues facing the entire Washington University community – and specifically graduate workers, who are students at the University.

With summer looming, graduate workers do not yet know if they will be paid for work done during those months. Graduate workers cannot afford to go another summer living without pay while still being expected to work and produce research for the university. This uncertain future is why graduate workers and their supporters are standing up to build power on campus and resistance through events over the next several weeks, including protests at the Arts & Sciences Distinguished Alumni Awards Dinner.

Graduate workers, along with their supporters in SEIU Local 1 and the wider community, will continue to fight for power at work and on campus and look forward to making meaningful improvements at Washington University. SEIU Local 1 has been working with graduate workers, college and university professors throughout the Midwest to give them a voice on the job; address the low compensation for their work; and to ensure greater benefits and job security.

For too long, the university has made all of the decisions relative to the employment conditions for graduate workers unilaterally and has ignored graduate workers’ requests to meet about issues such as pay, curriculum, teaching schedules, healthcare, environmental issues and many others. This lack of input impacts educational quality for both graduate workers and undergraduate students alike,” SEIU Local 1 said in a statement.

Service Employees International Union Local 1 unites 50,000 workers throughout the Midwest including janitors, security officers, higher education faculty, food service workers, and others. Local 1 is committed to improving the lives of its members and all working people by winning real economic justice and standing at the forefront of the fight for immigrant, racial, and environmental justice.

 (via Press Release)