In an effort to support innovative artist projects throughout the St. Louis region, The Luminary has announced the grant winners of the Futures Fund Grant Program. Out of over 100 submissions, 8 applicants were selected to receive grant funding.  A total of $40,000 in grants will be awarded with individual grants ranging between $2,500 and $7,500.

Intended to bring art out of the gallery setting and into the city more broadly, the Futures Fund initiative aims to prompt residents to discover new parts of the city, Futures Fund was founded to provide essential support to projects that engage with the city’s past, present and possible future. Additionally, the Fund was developed as an opportunity for artists with local ties to give life to the St. Louis art community. As the city evolves, the grant will help demonstrate that art within St. Louis can help address pressing issues of our time and be approachable to a broad audience.

The panel of judges includes Brea Youngblood, co-founder of The Luminary; Lola Ogbara, visual artist; Lauren Ross, Laumeier Sculpture Park and Treasure Shields Redmond, author, poet and educator. Winners were selected based on their project’s innovative perspective and distinctiveness. 

Awarded finalists and their projects vary in styles and artistic approach. The artworks will occupy several locations throughout St. Louis including South City, Central West End, The Grove and other areas. 

Artist Cbabi Bayoc will create permanent murals at the newly developed Kairos Academies School. The school has been intentional about equality in enrollment as a means to address economic and racial divides that unfairly affect educational opportunities. The 7’x10’ murals will be located on Miami Street. 

Artists Marina Peng & Shannon Levin will develop a billboard/public sculpture in South City. Shown as a public service announcement, the sculpture will have rotating text from artists and poets of color.

Healthy Flavors will work to create a community cookbook to promote usage of fresh produce and holistic living. In a collaboration with Metro Market “Food Bus”, there will be 500 copies of the cookbook published. A cookout will be held at a later date to also promote the cookbook. 

State of the Black Arts will be a symposium organized by Artists in the Room, a black-led artist collective founded in St. Louis in 2017. Consisting of work from black artists of various avenues, the symposium will be streamed on social channels to boost engagement.

Caitlin Metz and Victoria Emanuela’s project “You Have a Body” will consist of a sound installation and wall mural at Rise Coffee Shop in The Grove. Metz will serve as the illustrator for the mural. Emanuela, who has an extensive background in meditation and counseling with take on the role of the sound poet. 

Gonz Jove will design a Gift Garden Mural as well as a community garden in The Central West End.

City-based fashion and performance, “Shared Past & Shared Paths” by designer Yvonne Osei will take place city-wide at various locations across North and South City. Osei’s fashion designs consist of mixing bold and unique patterns.

A public art installation, “Illuminated Line” will feature LED lighting and flower/herb planter boxes along a 132’ fence line in South City. The sculpture will be designed and formed by artist Jacob Stanley.

With the funding from the grant, each artist will be able to bring their projects to life. Artist will begin their installations in August and conclude in December 2019. After completion, the public is encouraged to visit and view the various installations. For more information about Futures Fund, to find out about important dates and more about the program visit

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