One of the city’s most popular new restaurants will soon celebrate its first birthday. The Chocolate Pig’s anniversary party is slated for 3-7 p.m. Friday, Nov. 15, at 4220 Duncan Ave. in the Cortex Innovation Community.

“We’re so proud of the successes we’ve had at The Chocolate Pig this first year in business, and we really want to share it with everyone who has been with us along the way and hopefully introduce ourselves to some people we haven’t met yet,” says owner Kate Turner. “We are hoping the weather will allow us to have some of the event outside on our patio. If Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate, we’ll just move the whole party inside — there is plenty of space in and around The Chocolate Pig in the Cortex.”

During the free event, guests will be able to enjoy the chef’s selection from the fall/winter menu, although the specific dishes will be a surprise. In addition to the great selection of complimentary appetizers, there will also be an exceptional nitrogen ice-cream confection and other desserts.

“The restaurant and bar will also be open, so attendees are welcome to indulge in some of the other amazing culinary concoctions that our chefs can prepare,” Turner says. “Or try one of our signature cocktails, like the Queen Bee — or what has been called by some, the best Old Fashioned in town.”

In addition to great eats and drinks, there will be live music from Kristen Goodman to keep you entertained throughout the night.

“We’ve been working with Kristen all summer for our Patio Parties and our guests simply love her. We can’t imagine ringing in our birthday without her!” says Kait Moore, assistant general manager.

The restaurant’s first year in service has been a whirlwind of excitement.

“We’ve had our ups and downs and faced our share of challenges,” Turner says. “Overall, our first year has been a wild success, and it’s clear most of that is due to the diligence of our staff and the support of our customers.”

As with any restaurant, The Chocolate Pig has had to figure out how it fits into the burgeoning St. Louis culinary scene. 

“Our niche is really traditional Americana cranked up a notch,” she says. “And thanks to our corporate executive chef Nick Miller and our chef de cuisine Candice Poss, we’ve never been lacking for unique and delicious dishes. We’ve also found that refreshing our offerings frequently gives our customers something new to experience.”

The upscale restaurant’s vibe exudes elegance without being stuffy.

“The 23 City Blocks strives to have an inclusive community feel in everything we do, from our menus to our décor style to the team members we hire,” Turner says. “We believe in supporting communities and hope guests from all walks of life feel comfortable in our spaces.” 

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