Saint Louis based alternative rock band, Thames, announced that they will be hosting a show to commemorate the upcoming release of their EP entitled “Plague of the 21st Century.” The show will take place on May 11, 2018 at Blueberry Hill. The band will be performing new music as well as showcasing performances of other local artists including After Wednesday. Mitchell Furgeson, and the Bad Haircuts.

About Thames: Thames is an alternative rock band based in Saint Louis, Missouri consisting of lead singer Gabriel Jackson, guitarist Zander Hayes, drummer Sean Buchert, and bass player Connor Fiehler. The band formed when Jackson and Hayes met in college at Webster University and wrote music together, and later decided to add Buchert and Fiehler to the mix. The band has performed locally at venues such as Blueberry Hill, Off Broadway, & Delmar Hall, as well as in other cities such as Tulsa, Urbana and Kansas City. They have opened up for several acts including Vesperteen, Vista Kicks, Waker, Ian Moore, and JD Simo, and have even been said to possess “sharp songwriting skills that allow them to tackle difficult subject matter and lyrical themes in a way that keeps their music engaging to listen to,” by the A&R Factory. They reached success with their lead single “Ecology” being played on the KDHX Morning Show. With their new EP, “Plague of the 21st Century”, their sound will head in a different direction like showcased in their most recent single “Hummingbird”. As frontman Gabriel Jackson is a strong advocate for mental health awareness, many songs on this upcoming EP will shed light on this topic. The past year has been spent by the band writing and recording this new music at “Sawhorse Studios” in Saint Louis, Missouri.