Weddings have always been geared heavily toward women. It’s her day and her party; what she says goes. Perhaps that’s the way it should be. Many may dream of her wedding day since childhood. She wonders what color her bridesmaids’ dresses will be, what the centerpieces will look like and which first dance song she’ll choose. On the other hand, with the staggering amount of bridal magazines and advertising targeted exclusively at women, did men ever really stand a chance? If the groom were given more options, he would surely rise to the task. And what is the way to a man’s heart? Food. So, here are five interesting food options to take your wedding fare from drab to dank.

Breakfast of Champions

Breakfast food is the best food, so why relegate it to mornings only? There’s nothing like an evening helping of bacon and eggs to set you right, or better yet, chicken and waffles with a liberal spattering of maple syrup. A waffle bar may also be put to good use. In the immortal words of Ron Swanson, “Why does anybody in the world ever eat anything but breakfast food?”

Steak Out

Sometimes it’s best to get straight to the point, and there’s nothing better that a cut of perfectly cooked steak. Just a piece of meat, salt, pepper and a drizzling of butter — that’s all you need to prepare a dish that puts a bold stamp on your special occasion.

And the Wine Will Run Like Wine

Some of the most interesting conversations have taken place over a bottle of wine and a plate of cheese. For events such as weddings when two families meet, often for the first time, having a few bottles of choice wine on each table make for great conversational lubricant. Make sure to include plenty of options for food pairings such as hummus, olive tapenade, salami, cheese and crackers, grapes and chocolate.

Gimme a Pick-Me-Up

Picture a rustic setting: A low flickering fireplace is on its last embers as snow falls outside the window, and the main event is finished and the party has reached its closing action. There is no better way to bring everything to a smooth landing than relaxing over a cup of gourmet coffee. Include different brewing methods — French press, standard drip, espresso — and other coffee accouterments such as flavored creams, St. Brendan’s liqueur, amaretto, et cetera, to allow further customization and mingling by your guests.

Meat America

With meats for every walk of life, this party is a carnivore’s dream come true. With cooking methods borrowed from different regions of the U.S., take a journey through America as you sample New Orleans style crayfish, a Hawaiian roasted pig fit for any luau and good, old-fashioned American barbecue with all the fixings. Don’t forget to provide a vegetarian option. M