There are a lot of stray animals in Afghanistan and many can’t survive very long in the environment. In June, a military family made an emotional plea to the public to help save the life of a rescued stray dog named Arty, who had become a loving member of a U.S. Army camp in the area. While Arty was not filling an official position, he had provided an extra set of eyes and ears for the soldiers at the camp. Arty not only helped by standing guard, he also acted as a source of comfort, being all ears and no judgement for the soldiers when they needed to get something off their mind.

As time went on, and the team’s deployment in Afghanistan was quickly coming to an end, they began to worry about Arty’s fate. Without them, Arty would be left to fend for himself and would likely not survive in the condition of the area. A Warrant Officer at the base named Eric arranged for Arty to go to a group in Kabul called Nowzad which helps dogs and cats in war zones travel to the U.S. The process to bring him to the United States was lengthy, expensive, dangerous, but Arty deserved it after all he did to protect our military. Enter Teresa Ridenhour, Eric’s sister, who stepped in and launched a GoFundMe page to raise the money necessary to help bring Arty to the U.S.

That’s when Purina Dog Chow got wind of Arty’s situation and knew he was worth saving. A proud supporter of the military since the brand’s founding in 1926, Dog Chow immediately jumped on board to donate the remaining balance needed and reach the fundraising goal.

On September 13, Arty was safely brought to the United States and is now staying with Teresa and her family in Austin until her brother Eric returns home from duty in Afghanistan to take Arty home to live with him. Upon his arrival, Arty is being spoiled with treats, toys, and lots of love, including a gift basket of goodies and year’s supply of food from his new friends at Dog Chow. Arty’s journey continues to unfold – check out this video when he saw grass for the first time. Check out some photos and videos of Arty enjoying his new life and new adventures as he waits to reunite with Eric.

As a brand that has been a longtime supporter of the military, Dog Chow is also currently executing a Service Dog Salute campaign to pay tribute to our armed forces and the loyal dogs that serve them by sharing their stories and helping to expand Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) Pets and Vets program. ARF matches veterans experiencing PTSD and other challenges with rescue dogs and guides the veterans through a 10-month program training the animals to become skilled service companions.

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