In an effort to reduce smog and utilize clean energy, the City of St. Louis Sustainability Office recently released a Climate Adaptation Plan. This plan aims to reduce citywide greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent by 2050; it also “calls for the city to commit to transition to 100 percent clean energy in the form of wind and solar and energy efficiency measures within the electricity sector by 2035,” according to Resolution 124, introduced by Board of Aldermen President Lewis Reed.

“As of 2012, the majority of electricity for the St. Louis region is generated from coal, which provides 73 percent of electricity for Ameren Missouri. … Nuclear power is the next largest source, providing 24 percent of electricity for Ameren Missouri,” according to OneSTL. “Missouri’s Prop C, passed by voters in 2008, requires utility companies to generate 15 percent of electricity from renewable sources by 2021, with two percent of that amount from solar.”

The resolution states that fossil fuel energy sources are often more expensive than renewable energy sources, and this cost is a burden for some low-income families and small businesses. In addition, “clean energy is one of the fastest growing employment sectors and creates opportunities for good local jobs within the city,” the resolution states.

Furthermore, St. Louis is one of the “top 20 smoggiest cities in the country,” which likely has caused the city to have “some of the highest adolescent asthma rates in the country.”

By transitioning to clean energy, St. Louis can build a healthier future for all. Should the resolution pass, the city aims to develop a plan by December 2018. M