Shortly after delivering an upbeat, head turning performance at PrideFest St. Louis as the only local headliner, producer and songwriter Paige Alyssa announced the debut of her first LP yesterday on her social media platforms. Her debut album, Who is Paige Alyssa? is scheduled to be released on August 14th on all major streaming music platforms and

Since her beginnings in 2014, the musician has emerged from the depths of St. Louis and curated four EPs, four singles and two music videos with a signature sound. With the development of her unique style of pop music, Paige Alyssa has credited some of her favorite musicians on her growth and continuously utilized those influences and many more on her new record. “This record is a sheer reflection of the artistic development that I’ve been working to obtain for the last two years,” said Paige Alyssa. “Listeners and followers of my music can expect to hear lush harmonies and that old school 80s and 90s pop vibe with a modern flair that can be heard on my past singles, “Worth It”, “The Plug” and many others.”

Leading up to PrideFest St. Louis, the artist was recognized by Riverfront Times as one of their 2018’s STL 77 Honorees. The publication highlighted the entertainer’s ability to challenge the current state of popular music and quoted that she’s leading St. Louis pop music into the future. “The visibility I’ve received has been quite gratifying, but it’s my hope that the people who I intended this record to be for can identify themselves within it. This LP is a liberating, yet validating experience that aims to uplift people of color and queer folks as sexual beings. The Paige Alyssa sound is my truth, and I have a goal to soothe my listeners’ ears with a testament that will inspire them to find their freedom in anything they wish to do.”

The singer can be seen performing at Foam located at 3359 S Jefferson Ave starting at 730pm for Essential Knots Single Release party. The album will feature nine tracks produced by Paige Alyssa with mixing and mastering done by chief sound engineer at Shock City, Sam Maul.

Following is the LPs tracklisting:

1. ‘Vibe’
2. ‘Girl Crazy’
3. ‘The Plug’
4. ‘Slip and Slide’
5. ‘Helen of Troy’
6. ‘Show Your Work’
7. ‘Presentation’
8. ‘Worth It’
9. ‘The Plug (After Midnight Remix)’


Paige Alyssa was born and raised in Saint Louis, Missouri where her musical training began. Although being exposed to jazz during the majority of her college career, pop music has always been a passion of hers. With her debut EP, The Wait is Over, she entered into the next chapter of her musical career with popular music on December 9th, 2014. Her lead single, “Amen” quickly became a success among her social media followers and landed the singer a performance on the Fox 2 Morning Show. Since then, Paige Alyssa has recorded her second EP, Songs For Myself, that was released on February 29, 2016. For the first time in her music, Paige Alyssa came out as an openly gay artist on her second record. The lead single off Songs For Myself, “Lost Your Love” was released on January 15, 2016 and was a hit among her growing fan base. Worth It – EP, the artists third record, scored her a spot on Riverfront Times, Ten Best Songs By St. Louis Artist in 2017 with her lead single, “Worth It.” These EPs have earned her features with some of St. Louis popular publications including, St. Louis Magazine, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Vital VOICE Magazine, Delux Magazine and countless others. To learn more about the artist, visit