In the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, Spectrum Brands, Inc., is donating 10,000 bottles of Cutter® Insect Repellent products to the American Red Cross to help with the organization’s ongoing disaster relief efforts. 

The supply of insect repellent will be used to restock American Red Cross warehouses depleted in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, a deadly storm that decimated the islands of the Bahamas and slammed portions of the United States with heavy rains and dangerous flooding. 

After such significant rain and flooding, mosquito populations often rise, which could cause an increase in mosquito-borne sicknesses in humans and animals.

“We know there are hundreds of things to worry about after experiencing a tragedy like a hurricane, and something as simple as protecting yourself and families from insects shouldn’t be one of them,” said Steve Schwallie, Division Vice President of Marketing for Spectrum Brands Home & Garden Division. “That’s why we’re proud to donate to an organization like the American Red Cross, which strives to support those affected by natural disasters.”

“This generous donation is so important for the individuals affected by Hurricane Dorian and is greatly appreciated by the American Red Cross and our counterparts in the Bahamas as we work to reduce suffering and help those impacted through the recovery process,” said Mary Jane Thomsen, Executive Director of the Greater St. Louis Chapter of the American Red Cross.   “We couldn’t do what we do without companies like Cutter Insect Repellent who generously offer to help in times of disaster.”

Spectrum Brands plans to continue partnering with the American Red Cross in the future.

Via Press Release