Many beers are only produced seasonally, so you may occasionally find yourself longing for a taste of the perfect coffee stout that only hits the shelves between November and March; other times, you may yearn for a delicious summery Raspberry Hefeweizen or maybe something in between those two flavors. Offering an opportunity to satisfy those cravings, Schlafly Beer produces Hop in the City, a one-day event offering a palatable plethora of beer samplings — 40 styles and six specialty brews to be exact.

Hop in the City, the brand’s largest beer festival, will return Saturday, Sept. 16, at the Schlafly Tap Room. For an entry fee, beer aficionados and amateur drinkers alike get a golden ticket to the beers of Schlafly. It’s a magical day during which all the seasonal beers, special releases and, of course, the core beers are available. Attendees will receive a sampling glass to take with them to several different tents set up in the parking area of the Tap Room; each tent will offer select styles of beer. One tent will hold the full-bodied stouts, another will offer the robust and hoppy India pale ales (IPAs), and yet another will have the traditional ales and lagers. To help navigate the beers and keep track of which have been tasted and which are yet to be experienced, attendees also receive a lanyard with an informative card detailing all available beers and locations. Not only do you get to enjoy the drinks, you also get to play your very own game of beer-sampling bingo.

Not to be missed is the appearance of Schlafly founding brewer Stephen Hale, who will don a variety of fun costumes while manning the gong. When the gong is struck, it will signal the availability of special tappings. The special tappings are incredibly limited supplies of brewer imagination. Once a special keg runs dry, the gong is hit and that fleeting flavor is replaced by the next special tapping until all six are exhausted. These tappings always draw a line of samplers for both the spectacle and limited tastings. In addition, the event will have plenty of festival fare to help battle beer-induced hunger, and there will be live music from four local bands. For attendees who are looking to maximize their festival experience, Schlafly has partnered with St. Louis-based Lodging Hospitality Management to offer “Hop Hotel Rooms.” For more information, visit

One of St. Louis’s popular brews, Schlafly Beer is the brand for which Saint Louis Brewery — “Missouri’s largest locally owned independent brewery,” according to its website — produces its beers. Brewing began in 1991 with the goal of making fantastic beer in a great atmosphere. That year, the brewery established the Schlafly Tap Room in downtown St. Louis, which was notable for being the first new brewpub to open in Missouri since before Prohibition. Since then, Schlafly has grown to become a popular brewery. Even though the company has experienced tremendous growth, Schlafly has stayed right here in StL and continues to gift a large chunk of America — primarily within 300 miles to preserve freshness and reduce carbon footprint — with some of the tastiest and most satisfying beers.

Since the brewery’s inception, the brewers have kept one goal in mind: Produce beers that are enjoyable to drink. To this day, the pursuit of that goal is evident. Schlafly prides itself on allowing the resident brewers to showcase their brewing experience while chasing their creativity. This mashup of beer-brewing knowhow and outside-the-barrel thinking springs forth inspired special release beers such as the Double Bean Blonde ale with impressively rich chocolate and coffee undertones in a surprisingly light ale; this is just one of more than 50 unique beer styles brewed.