Join us at the New Year’s Eve Ball at The Chase Park Plaza as we ring the New Year in with style. Dress to impress, because suits and dresses are highly encouraged, according to the Facebook event. “The event takes place in the beautiful Khorassan Ballroom and will feature the signature sounds of electronic music star Felix Cartal, a premium open bar, light butler-passed hors d’oeuvres, ballon drop and a champagne toast at midnight.” For tickets, visit

Check out our Q-and-A with Cartel below.

You grew up in Vancouver, BC. Is New Year’s Eve just as big of a deal up north as it is here? What differences can you see?
I think New Year’s is one of those events that is quite big everywhere in the world. Since it’s just a passage of time, I think everyone celebrates it somewhat the same. So yeah, in Vancouver, we definitely celebrate it too.

A lot of your early projects were geared more toward punk rock? When were you introduced to electronic music? Most people don’t see punk and EDM to be related. In what ways are they similar?
When my band broke up, I wanted a new outlet to focus my energy on. I loved software and producing on a laptop because it felt equally punk rock — just make whatever you can with whatever you have. The DIY ethic felt really similar to me, and I think I gravitated toward that. “Kid A” was big record for me that blurred the lines between rock/electronic as well.

Does any of the attitude of punk music make its way into your work today?
I think a lot of the lyrical themes in punk rock are actually similar to what I’ve been writing about lately. Sort of focusing less on what others think and doing your own thing is a theme that I like to write about it in hopes that it can help enable people to just create and be themselves.

Most people aren’t familiar with the myriad sub-genres in the world of EDM. Where does your music fall on that family tree?

Where does your pseudonym come from?
I like artist names that sound like they could be your real name.

For DJs, it’s all about the live show. How would you describe your set?
Over the past year, it’s become a lot more focused on just doing my own songs and doing my own thing. I’m not going to play a record that’s popular just because it’s popular. I’m just trying to play things that I truly [mess] with. 

What are you bringing to this event at the Chase?
Lots of new music because I just finished my album. 🙂

Do you like playing these specialty parties or are you more of a festival guy? What are the pros and cons of different venues?
I like a mix of both. It’s fun to play a massive party but a small sweaty room has something special too.

I really liked your mix of the New Radicals song “Give What You Give.” How do you decide which songs you want to incorporate into your mixes? What has to stand out to you?
That song always felt important to me; it was a song that kind of felt like the theme of my youth, and as I got older, the lyrics actually had more depth to me. One of those, whoa, I didn’t realize that was what that song is about: moments. Once I felt that it was important, I thought it might be fun to try and put my own spin on it. M