Creative thinking, critical thinking, and problem solving skills all increase in students when they have access to an arts education according to studies by the Dana Foundation. Knowing what a positive impact a performing arts program could make, Pete Rothschild, the owner of Rothschild Development and Red Brick Management, has donated The Ivory Theatre to the Carondelet Leadership Academy. 

The theater’s dedication will be celebrated on Thursday, December 14, 2017 from 4:30-6:30pm, just prior to the Academy’s annual Christmas program. Red Brick Management team members will be in attendance along with local community groups, students, and parents.

The Ivory Theatre, located at 7622 Michigan, was built in 1860 as St. Boniface Catholic Church in Carondelet, MO and the St. Louis Archdiocese sold the property to Mr. Rothschild in 2005. A $2 million renovation converted it to a 250-seat community theater. He had previously bought the St. Boniface School and rectory buildings next door and developed them on behalf of the Academy.

Mr. Rothschild has always been a supporter of charter schools. He believed that creating a theater could make a big difference in the Carondelet neighborhood and support the Academy’s performing arts programs. The donation of the church is the Rothschild family’s largest contribution in a long history of supporting local charities. He strongly believes that charter schools are an integral part of St. Louis’s education system, and that the Ivory Theatre will make a difference in students’ lives. In addition to enabling the Carondelet Leadership Academy to have a theater program, its use as a space for community theater groups, including St. Louis Shakespeare, continues. M

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