In celebration of the 49th anniversary of the historic Apollo 11 moon landing, the Saint Louis Science Center is hosting an out-of-this-world Landing Party from 6-10 p.m. Friday, July 20. Enjoy a blast from the past with a live DJ, food, drinks and entry into Destination Moon: The Apollo 11 Mission special exhibition.

A visit through the exhibit, which ison display through Sept. 3, skyrockets you back in time, starting with a 1960s living room during a moon landing party. Next, check out the command module Columbia and more than 20 artifacts that were part of the Apollo 11 mission. The exhibit also offers you the opportunity to try various space activities, including making a rover on a video game or a mission patch.

To keep the ’60s feel flowing, imbibe an Old Fashioned or Manhattan, both of which were enormously popular at the time of the moon landing. Each ticket includes two drink tickets, but more are available for purchase.

In addition to the ’60s-themed food and drinks and a few props scattered about the party, the Science Center encourages you to don your best 1960s garb and prepare to boogie to throwback songs from one of the most timeless musical decades. DJ Matt Wallach from Take Two DJs will play some space-themed songs, along with music from the time of the Space Race.

The event includes free parking, as well as surprise giveaways, contests and entertainment that you’ll have to see for yourself.

This 21-and-up event is part of the Science Center’s Apollo Week July 16-24. Apollo Week features a variety of events and activities, including Rocket Day on July 16, when small-engine rockets will be launched outside the Planetarium to mark the anniversary of Apollo 11’s launch into space, Science at Sunset on July 19, featuring the film “Spaceballs,” and Science Goes Splat on July 24 which marks the anniversary of the command module’s splashdown in the Pacific Ocean. This activity will demonstrate how gravity works as space-themed items are dropped from the third floor to the lower level, hence the name Science Goes Splat.

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit slsc.orgM

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