Most of us have wallets that are old and falling apart or we’re using that free promotional keychain that came with the purchase of our car. It’s time to trade up to a touch of luxury. Whether it’s a small wallet, keychain or a nice coin tray, you can maximize your fall season with leather accessories.

Small, nondescript leather bracelets are a coming trend this season. We suggest you select the simplest of designs if you’re to sport these adornments. Too many guys wear five or six different bracelets — it’s not the best look. One simple bracelet, or maybe two, is all you really need.

Belts have come a long way over the years. Dyed leather belts are trending this season. Sure, you can wear your dad’s old brown or black belt, but feel free to jazz up your style with navy or green.

All featured items are from local boutiques. High-end or super affordable, we always encourage our readers to shop local. M