What happens when you combine the lyrical talents of one person and the producing talents of another? According to pop-duo Loote, it’s like ice cream. “We’re like the swirl ice-cream, vanilla and chocolate come together and make something really sweet,” says Emma Lov, half of the duo. “We meet in the middle in a weird spot. It makes our music better; I feel like that’s what attracted me to him.” Jackson Foote, Emma’s counterpart, echoes the same sentiment.

It all started in college when the two got paired together for a songwriting project. “We got paired randomly for a homework assignment to write a song together. We wrote a really good song and had good chemistry,” says Foote. “I had heard her sing a week before, and she had heard a beat I’d done a week before. Emma had a ridiculous voice.” As for Emma’s take, “Jack is just a great producer. He just hears things that other people do not.”

It’s this blend of talents and their ability that led to them getting signed at Universal Music Group where they’ve been writing songs together for other artists. Four years after they came together, the pop-duo released their first single, “High on Your Love.” “[The song is] about not being able to get rid of somebody. It’s that ever rising and undeniable lust,” says Foote. The song is a catchy tune about the feeling almost everyone experiences at some point in life.

The single is just the first for the group, but there are more to come. “We’re working on what we hope will basically be an EP. We’re also, in the midst of that, getting ready for our tour,” says Lov regarding what the future holds for the two. “We’ve never done anything like this in our entire lives. However, we’ve both always wanted to do this. It’s exciting.” The group will be doing a nationwide tour with a stop at the Pageant on Oct. 20.

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