Lliam Christy is a longtime independent artist whose style may be described in one word: flamenco. “The centerpiece of my playing is flamenco. I play flamenco guitar, and the techniques I use when I play are based off of flamenco technique. I play other styles as well. I do some argentine tango. I also use some Brazilian music. I’m also a composer — I use flamenco style and some of them are just compositions,” Christy says.

When asked what experience he brings to his performances, Christy says, “My lifetime of studying music, my history with flamenco, having lived in Spain; what I bring to every performance is that I try to have my best performance every time. A lot of people around the area aren’t familiar with the musical style.

“I’ve been playing flamenco for 16 years now. My interest is to connect to the audience even if they haven’t heard this style of music. I just got back from a tour. I’ve been touring the country for the last six months,” says Christy. It’s not Christy’s first rodeo. He has performed all over the country and collaborated with many artists on flamenco and other styles of music. It’s clear music is his passion.

As for being born and raised in St. Louis, Christy says, “I like the people. I like the different neighborhoods. I like the diversity in St. Louis. I like the Blues. I like rock ‘n’ roll. There is a lot of important history in this city — musical history. There are a lot of great musicians in this town. The musical culture is important to me.”

The performer will be the first to perform during a MAX Lab. “I look forward to making new friends, playing my best and make some long-term relationships. It’s nice to be home and play an event like this where I can do that. I’m always happy to perform for people who are interested in my music,” says Christy. You can catch him performing Sept. 27 at Urban Harvest STL’s Food Roof during the MAX Lab: El Mayor Tequila workshop, during which Javier San Martin will guide you through creating four signature tequila cocktails paired perfectly with small bites from Seoul Taco and Clementine’s Naughty and Nice Creamery.

For more information on Lliam Christy, search for him on Soundcloud, CD Baby and iTunes, or visit lliamchristy.com. To attend the MAX Lab, visit maxstl.com/maxlab/.