Katie’s Pizza & Pasta Osteria (KPPO) just finished a full re-design to its Rock Hill location, which includes all new furniture, artwork by Ted Collier and Belinda Lee, updated lighting, and a patio space – all of which is now available to the public.

“Our restaurants continue to grow year after year, and because of that growth we were able to freshen up the original,” says Chef Katie Collier. 

KPPO was able to focus on its renovations following the temporary closing of its doors to the Rock Hill restaurant for a couple days. Customers could still find Katie Collier originals in KPPO’s other location in Town & Country. After five years of utilizing used furniture purchased from their original Kickstarter campaign, KPPO has upgraded for a clean and modern look. This includes new tables and chairs, barstools, and a white marble Formica bar. Also, the walls have been painted bright white and now feature new artwork from popular St. Louis painters, Ted Collier and Belinda Lee – who are a part of the KPPO family. New lighting elements in KPPO include modern Italian designer lights by FLOS. KPPO has also added a patio space, surrounded by Italian-style landscaping through Greenscape, lined with cypress trees and ferns, along with additional sitting areas for customers who are waiting for a table. 

This entire project was led by interior designer David Kent Richardson. David’s eclectic style and enthusiasm for his southern roots guide his approach in designing sophisticated spaces with experiences in mind. He has also worked with Katie’s aunt, Zoë Robinson, on her restaurants Bar Les Frères, I Fratellini, and Billie-Jean. 

“Katie’s restaurant has really grown up over the last few years, but the aesthetics just needed to catch up with the quality of her food,” said Richardson.“KPPO means a lot to different people, and everyone loves Katie’s. The interior needed to be flexible to a wide-ranging audience including families, retirees, and hipsters, so we tailored it for that purpose.”  

KPPO also recently announced a new menu for both its Rock Hill and Town & Country locations. “Katie’s Back Menu” includes dishes with ‘mains,’ lots of vegetable contorni, and new recipes. Marking her return from maternity with Nadia, Katie is now more inspired than ever.

Via Press Release