Katie’s Pizza & Pasta Osteria (KPPO) is announcing a brand new spring menu – “Katie’s Back Menu” – featuring completely new entrees and items at both its Rock Hill and Town and Country locations.

“This menu means a lot to me. It marks my return from maternity with Nadia and was inspired and created during my time at home with her and my own mom Belinda,” says Chef Katie Collier. “I went for bold and balanced flavors this year over trendy ingredients. This menu is made with much more love and care than menus past, maybe because now I’m a mom.”

“Katie’s Back Menu” is now available at KPPO and includes ‘mains,’ lots of vegetable contorni, and new recipes. A springtime favorite that will be back on the menu is morel mushrooms. These are one of the most sought out wild mushrooms around the world. KPPO has pizza and pasta dishes including Bigoli Pasta which features morel mushrooms, brown butter, stracchino, and aged balsamic.

One special new item is Belinda’s Paccheri – house-made paccheri with chicken pan sauce, buttered leaks, gorgonzola, stewed tomato, pine nuts, and pecorino. Belinda’s Paccheri made the new menu as a tribute to when Katie and Belinda lived in Florence together. 

A fine arts teacher at the time, Belinda would take her daughter Katie out to dinner often following her evening classes. Their favorite item to order could be found across the street at a restaurant that served spaghetti with a leek and gorgonzola sauce. Having their own special version at home for years, they decided to add it to their new menu.

Although Mother’s Day has past, KPPO will begin hosting a monthly pop-up called “Pop Up Mother” in June. This innovative idea will feature elevated and healthy Italian cuisine. Seating will be limited and pop-ups will be served family style. Tickets will be available for purchase online in the near future. Check katiespizzaandpasta.com/ for updates and call them at (314) 942-6555 or (636) 220-3238 for reservations.

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