If anyone exudes St. Louis style, Jacob Long certainly does. Whether it’s his journalistic work the past two years with KSDK or his love for all things local, Long is maximizing St. Louis lifestyle. If he’s not brunching at local joints around the city, he’s busy at area craft events and enjoying the best St. Louis has to offer.

“When I drive around the city, St. Louis gives me chills,” Long says. “Growing up here, I had that special connection to the city.” A Granite City, Illinois, native, Long has always had a soft spot for St. Louis. Despite moving away for a decade, Long revealed that coming back felt like a revival.

“I love St. Louis for its potential, for its neighborhoods and for its people,” he says. “It’s such an old city, but it doesn’t feel that way. It feels like there is this new and reenergized segment of the population that is taking the city by the reigns.” It’s these places, such as Olio and Union Loafers, that are popping up in old houses and old garages that deeply impress the St. Louisan. He praises the creativity and reinvigoration of these new places. “St. Louis is the canvas, and the people here are the artists. I love what the residents of the city are doing to make it their own.”

Recently, Long took a St. Louis “staycation” visiting places he says are hard to get to when he’s working all the time, such as the Missouri History Museum, the Muny, the Missouri Botanical Garden and Busch Stadium. However, he knows there will always be new places to discover. “On my phone right now, I have this running tab of places I want to check out,” he says. “It could be someone’s full-time job to just try all the new and interesting places.”

The St. Louisan has a soft spot for pets too: He has an 8-month-old puppy named Tucker, and he volunteers with area humane societies when he has time. “If I’m going to be honest, it’s my favorite charity to work with. It’s near and dear to me. There are so many ways to help out in the city.”

“I have always been a big fan of living local and buying local,” Long continues. From date nights to “staycations,” Long lives a genuinely St. Louis lifestyle. “I support when businesses, organizations and restaurants choose to stay in the city and invest in all of our different neighborhoods.

“There is always something to do in this city, and I love that pulse that St. Louis offers.”