Growing up in Frankfurt, Germany, is where I discovered my love for dance music. When I first moved to the United States, dance music was a small niche market and did not have the following it had in Europe. As a high school senior in St. Louis going to the Loop to buy vinyl records, I met a dedicated group of folks who shared a similar love for the music.

I went to my first rave in St. Louis, and that’s where I fell in love with the possibilities of creating and bringing great parties to the city. It all started as a hobby and a love for the scene and the people in it — there was no money in it at the time. I wanted to see these DJs play their hearts out in my home city as much as anyone else buying tickets for my shows.

What started as a hobby became a full-time dedication to bringing the best shows possible to St. Louis. I was determined to bring in the DJs that only were accepting gigs in the major cities — St. Louis had the following and dedication to dance music. With sold-out shows, we no longer had to prove ourselves to the agents. St. Louis was on the map and here to stay.

At B&W Productions, we aim to bring to St. Louis the same experiences that were previously only reserved for cities like New York, Miami or Las Vegas. I’m proud of St. Louis for supporting dance music like it has over the years. Every dance music act that you can ask for now has a tour stop in St. Louis. Ten years ago, this market was starved, and now we are no longer just a flyover city.

December is a big month in dance music for St. Louis. I am most excited about the New Year’s Eve event that we produce at Chase Park Plaza: the New Year’s Eve Ball. The party is a very classy New Year’s event with young professionals and tastemakers of St. Louis and has sold out every year.

Illenium is playing Dec. 16 at the Pageant. He is one of the hottest producers and DJs right now and travels with a big production stage. After the show at the Pageant, we’ll be continuing at RYSE hosting Borgeous — if you pace yourself, I will see you there.

I am Amin Mohabbat, owner of B&W Productions. I am MAX. M