Born in Melbourne, Australia, I first came to the United States in 2006 as an exchange student. Flash forward 11 years, and I am now proud to call St. Louis my home. Home is where you make it, and I have embraced St. Louis for all its quirks and culture just as it has me. On a personal search to represent my city with style and comfort, I found myself frustrated with limited options; thus, Arch Apparel was born. Some of the greatest ideas are those formed from one’s own personal need. Arch Apparel was exactly that for me. I was looking for T-shirts or hats that didn’t necessarily scream our local sports teams, but rather represent our city as a whole.

There’s a certain pride and sense of love for one’s city that can never be taught or sold; it’s something you feel. Even if the city you call home is not where you were born, you can still feel that sense of pride. Perhaps it’s where you grew up, educated yourself, met your significant other, bought your first home or saw your first World Series game. St. Louis instills a civic pride in all of us, and that’s something Arch Apparel is highlighting through our work with local models, artists, photographers, videographers, businesses, charities and individuals.

Arch Apparel is more than a clothing brand that represents St. Louis. It’s a vehicle to highlight all the creative forces we have in our city. It has allowed people to throw on a T-shirt that reads “SAINT LOUIS” and wear it proudly as they explore all the city has to offer or while traveling the world. It has also provided an option to patrons who want to support their community through local business.

As the industry changes and traditional retail stores aren’t as frequented, Arch Apparel heavily focuses its business online. Our Instagram page @ArchApparelSTL is our strongest marketing vehicle. We reach our audience through digital platforms and an online presence versus traditional marketing and foot traffic. Word of mouth has grown our brand significantly, and our customer service, quality of goods and style of advertising must be on point and original every day.

The Arch Apparel team grows each month, whether it’s through adding a new creative mind or aspiring model to the group or partnering with a local business or charity. My dream is for Arch Apparel to become part of the fabric of our community — something we can all proudly wear while supporting our community with style.

I am Aaron Park, owner and operator of Arch Apparel. I am MAX. M