UPDATE: Here Come the Mummies put on such a fun show at Delmar Hall. The funk was plentiful and the guys had such high energy through the whole show. They played to a packed house that kept moving through the night. Having seen the band once before, I knew what to expect but they were even funkier than I remember. Musically, it was easy to see how professional these guys are. Everyone in the band put on a great show, but I was particularly impressed by the horns as I’ve seen a lot of bands with a lackluster horn section.  And rather than staying stagnant in their respective positions, they all danced around the stage while playing and had a lot of cool choreographed moves with their instruments. The only bad part about the show was desperately wondering who is under those wraps!

Original story below.

Here Come the Mummies will give up the funk Thursday, Oct. 19, at Delmar Hall. The members of this Nashville-based funk band don full mummy costumes and have never publicly disclosed their identities. Many fans speculate they are under contract with labels and use stage names because they legally cannot put their names on any side projects. There are also rumors that Grammy Award winners are in the group.

I saw this band at Wakarusa Music Festival in Arkansas a few years ago, and their performance was the highlight of the weekend. With provocative yet goofy lyrics and a super funky, upbeat sound, they know how to show the audience a good time. Also, it was 100-plus degrees the day I saw them, and it was impressive they were able to deliver such a high-energy performance outdoors in full mummy garb without keeling over onstage. 

Check out our Q-and-A with Mummy Cass and Midnight to learn more about the band, and don’t miss out on this fun show. Doors at 7 p.m. Show at 8 p.m. Facebook event page. For tickets, click here.

What made you want to dress like mummies?
Mummy Cass: Nothing. We don’t. We got cursed to wander the Earth forever, now these bandages are baked onto our dusty, withered flesh. 
Midnight: It is not exactly pleasing to the nose, either, we’re told.

Why do you not “unwrap” your identities?
Mummy Cass: We would if we could. But ripping off the wraps would have chunks of “people jerky” attached. Sounds painful.

What inspires/influences your music and performances?
Mummy Cass: Well, ladies sure inspire our performances. 
Midnight: We are influenced by a whole host of funk and soul artists, like Stevie, Sly, Otis, Kool & The Gang, Commodores, P-funk, Curtis, Billy Preston, The Meters, whoa! It goes on and on. We’re digging Charles Bradley lately, RIP.

Aside from the suits and hidden identities, what makes this band special?
Mummy Cass: Our live show is a nonstop frontal assault on your inhibitions. We’re takin’ ’em down like an old seaside hotel, baby.

What can people expect during the show?
Mummy Cass: To not be able to keep up. It is a workout. Your heart and your head and your naughty bits may burst. The crowds are a sweaty, lovely mess when we get through with ’em!
Midnight: You’ve done been warned.  

What’s fun about playing in St. Louis? 
Mummy Cass: We love the town, we love everybody at The Pageant/Delmar Hall. The crowds are into it! … Forest Park, here we come, baby! M