There’s nothing worse than being out on the town and realizing you need some dental floss, a lint roller or deodorant — you get the point — and having to stop by the nearest drugstore to pay exorbitant prices for a duplicate of an item sitting on your shelf at home.

Many of us have that one friend who always seems to have just what you need when you least expect it. Now, with our simple must-have list of items to keep in a small bag in your glove box, you can be “that friend.” If your girlfriend is complaining about a stray eyebrow on your date night, don’t let her feel insecure all night; hand her some tweezers. If you get ketchup on your shirt, Shout Wipe it out before it sets in. When your friends have parsley in their teeth at a dinner party, have their backs with floss and dental picks.

Whatever may come up in your daily life, being prepared will maximize any situation as well as your friendship with others who are in need. M

ITEMS: Comb, hairspray, tweezers, lint roller, breath spray, OTC painkiller, hand sanitizer, scissors, lip balm, wisp toothbrush, oss, Altoids, Shout wipes, rst aid kit, deodorant, lotion