In order to maximize your most efficient home, MAX has compiled a short list of tech gadgets that make life easier. Whether you’re busy and need something to ease your stress or like to take it slow and need a way to help kick back, these items are the best in-home gadgets for the job.

Amazon Alexa
If you haven’t yet used or heard of Alexa, you’re missing out. Welcome to the world of cloud technology that consistently updates to make life easier. Alexa is voice controlled and can perform many tasks. From ordering groceries to playing your favorite music, and much more, Alexa makes life easier at home. Not only is it constantly updating, but if you ask, it can keep you updated too. The following is a list of gadgets that work in conjunction with Alexa.

August Smart Locks
Between a virtual key that doesn’t have to be replicated at the locksmith and the ability to access cameras and security from anywhere in the world, the August Smart Locks are changing the face of home security. Having a friend house sit? Even they can be granted a virtual key while you’re gone, and you can remove it as soon as you’re back. The tracking system allows you to know who has been coming and going. You can even lock and unlock doors and check security using Alexa. Security made safer and simpler.

Harmony Remote System
Ease-of-access, control from anywhere in your house, and interconnectedness throughout house systems are just a few perks of the Harmony system designed by Logitech. Using the remote, you can easily guide through quick access buttons that control lighting, thermostat, devices and other important household items. It’s easy to navigate and the best part is it’s right in the palm of your hand. Connect to everything you need with effortlessness.

Ecobee Smart Thermostat
Not only can you save on energy with lighting, but with the Ecobee smart thermostat you can also save energy by controlling your heating and cooling with the best technology on the market. With a mobile app, the ability to connect to Alexa directly through the product, and a speaker that is controlled through Alexa and your voice or app, convenience is Ecobee’s most notable attribute. It can even detect when you enter any room in the house to control the temperature without human interference.

Philips Hue Lights
If you forget to turn off your lights, Philips Hue makes it easy to turn them off from anywhere with remote controls and an app that allows the user to change the light colors, dim the lights and turn them off from anywhere. The LED bulbs alone are energy efficient, which makes the stress of energy cost dissipate. Also, updates to the system are continuously done to ensure the most dependency from your system. Alexa can be used to control the system as well. M