Craft Alliance will connect artist with art with its 16th annual teapot exhibition. Identity is a distinguishing characteristic or the personality of an individual. Visually, one can usually identify a teapot because it has a body, spout, handle and lid, but each teapot has its own unique and complex characteristics based on the artist creating it. Teapots have traveled all over the world and appear in many different cultures and nations. This exhibition, Identi-TEA, draws from the different interpretations and explorations of the artist-made teapot, as well as the ways artists express their own identities in creating their works and the messages these works carry about the artist’s individual characteristics. Whether functional or sculptural, each teapot can project its own personality just as the artist creating it can inject aspects of his/her persona into their work. The gallery will begin with an opening reception on Friday, January 12, from 6-8pm at Craft Alliance Center of Art + Design and will be open to viewing through March 18, 2018. Guests are also encouraged to attend any of the related events listed below:

Bruce Pepich, Juror’s Talk
Teapot Trail: The Racine – St. Louis Connection
Saturday, January 13, 11am
Regional Arts Commission of St. Louis
6128 Delmar Blvd.  St. Louis, MO 63112
Conference Room C
Free and open to the public

Workshop | Beyond Function: Teapot as Cultural Metaphor
Saturday, January 13 10am – 5pm
Craft Alliance, Delmar Loop
Clay Studio, 1st Floor
No experience required.

Ceramic artist Richard Wehrs’s extravagant, highly detailed (and barely functional!) teapots are explorations of flamboyance and excess, reminiscent of tropical flowers or the showy plumage and elaborate mating displays of exotic birds. Wehrs will demonstrate various techniques for constructing his pieces, including the creation of textures, underglaze application and gold-leafing that together give his work its distinctive and recognizable style. There will also be a slide talk showing earlier and current work, and important influences. See Dick’s work in Identi-TEA: 16th Biennial Teapot Exhibition opening January 12, 2018.

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Richard Wehrs is a ceramic artist currently living and working in Peoria, Illinois. He earned his MFA in Studio Art from SIUE, after which he taught ceramics and sculpture at the John Burroughs School until turning his attention to more concentrated production. For much of the ’90s he had a studio in the City Museum building, where he was perhaps best known for his unique sculptural lamps and, occasionally, extravagant teapots, two of which were featured in Garth Clark’s book, “The Artful Teapot.” His studio now is in his home, and he continues to make various types of work influenced by architecture, botany, and sheer whimsy. M 

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