Some people may take a year long sabbatical from work to travel, but for one local St. Louisan she decided to start a functional couture handbag brand. Lisa Hu, worked in accounting and finance at multinational companies for over a decade before she decided to take her passion on full time.  Her launch date is ironically (or coincidentally), April 17th, one day post tax due date.

Lux and Nyx (pronounced “Lucks and Nix”), means Light and Night in Greek, representing time transition as well as life changes. Lux & Nyx offers a line of sustainable artisanal handbags with modern women’s needs in mind. They are also passionate about educational projects, their first social venture is collaborating with ‘Love to Langa’ charity to build a school in Langa Township, South Africa.

Currently there are two lines of products, the Work’N’Play line, the most versatile suite of sustainable couture products. The second, is the Inspired Couture line, which are beautifully designed handbags inspired and named after historical female figures and their birth year.

The brand’s couture bags are made with premium material and hardware, and with the modern on-the-go lifestyle in mind. The artisan crafted functional bags offers the same high-end feel and attention to detail as a high end designer handbags, but it also includes functionality that the modern women deserves.

“We’ve all been there, where we have a choice between an ugly functional workbag or a beautiful bag with not enough pockets “ said Lisa Hu, Founder and Chief Designer of Lux and Nyx, “We just end up carrying all the bags we can get our hands on to fit the different needs. Our Work’N’Play bags are made with your daily function in mind, not only are there compartments to fit different occasion, it is made with durable Freedom FiberTM, gold plated hardware, as well as water resistant exterior and interior.”

The Zoe Bag, a product within the couture Work’N’Play line bags, has more than 18 compartments and functions, including a utility strap on the bottom of the bag for your yoga mat or camera tripod, it can be used as an overnight bag, a work bag, or a gym bag. It can even be used as a mommy bag, since it is water resistant inside and out. This functional couture bag takes more than 8 days, 2 high skilled artisans to make. Currently, the Zoe Bag can be seen in person for pre-launch ordering exclusively at Dimvaloo, 8813 Ladue Road.