An engagement ring, aside from being a circle molded out of precious metal, is a symbol of your commitment to love the one you’re with for as long as you both shall live. Nowhere is it written in stone that your ring should dazzle with the sparkling intensity of a thousand suns or cost as much as an Italian sports car. It’s 2017, and we do things a little differently nowadays, so why should popping the question be an exception? If you’re not feeling the high-end department store vibe, St. Louis has plenty of alternative ring options at various price points that will surely turn heads and let you save for a couple more days of honeymooning in Bora Bora.

Conveniently situated in the Delmar Loop, Central West End and Maplewood, the Silver Lady specializes exclusively in silver and makes great use of it in its ring designs. As shown above, patrons of the Silver Lady will find rings that fall on a wide spectrum of exuberance from the standard silver band, a timeless classic, to a six-pronged pietersite centered beauty and everything in between.

If gold is more your style, check out Easton Loan Co. in North City. This pawnshop specializes in buying, selling and repairing jewelry. Like the Silver Lady, Easton Loan offers engagement bands of many varieties. Get straight to the point, and pick up a lasting gold band, or aim a little higher and pick up a solitaire or side stone gold and diamond ring that sparkles at every angle. Wherever your tastes may lie, grab your beloved, tie the cans to the car and race to the courthouse because it’s time to get hitched. M