Craft Alliance Center of Art + Design is pleased to announce the opening reception of the 2017 Biennial Faculty Exhibition on Friday, July 14 from 6-8 p.m. This exhibition features work by a number of celebrated regional artists who have taught classes in the studios of Craft Alliance Center of Art + Design within the last two years. The exhibition will be on display through Aug. 13.

The teaching artists at Craft Alliance Center of Art + Design are integral to bringing the studios to life and inspiring students of all levels. They are a talented group of people who are deeply invested in the St. Louis community and whose personal artwork is frequently exhibited locally and nationally. The Biennial Faculty Exhibition showcases the wide range of artistic styles and mediums at home at Craft Alliance—and is a remarkable survey of Contemporary Craft in the St. Louis region.

Participating artists include: Beverly Jakub Aroh, Daniel Barnett, Katie Bensky, John Boss, Jen Bradford, Beverly Brandt, Ryan Bredlau, Leah de Matta, Andrew Denney, Kelly Draper, Jocelyn Edwards, Peg Fetter, Jacob Francois, Alice Gadel, Mike Gleason, Kevin Heard, Mary Henderson, Jan Hessel, Jeff Hornung, Cindy Howenstein, Deborah Katon, Michele Katz-Reichlin, Lacey Kirkwood, Joanne Kluba, Andrea Linskey, Qun Liu, Maxine du Maine, Denise Mandel, Tom McCarthy, Kelly Miller, Robert Thomas Mullen, Joan Powell, Luanne Rimel, Shweta Sarraf, Katrina Shannon, Damia Smith, Pam Stanley, Yuko Suga, Meri Ellen Taylor, Carla Tuetken, Janice Wallace, Tom Wiggins, Rena Wood, Sue Wuest, and Anna Youngyeun. M

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