TechArtista, CWE coworking space, has partnered with Josh Rowan to exhibit BORDERLANDS, a photography exhibition depicting the Mexican-American border, which will be open to the public to view during an Opening Reception on Friday, March 15 from 6 pm to 9 pm at 4818 Washington Blvd.

Josh Rowan traveled the length of the Mexican-American border from the Gulf to the Pacific Coast, where he stayed as close to the border as possible, taking photos, meeting people, sharing stories and experiencing life in the BORDERLANDS.

BORDERLANDS is a collection of photos taken along Rowan’s two-part, ten-week journey through Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Northern Mexico during a tumultuous time between the two sides. These photos are a glimpse into a part of the country hotly fought over, bringing up issues of race, immigration policy, and the ongoing “war on drugs”.

The first leg of the borderland expedition was in May and June of 2017 when Trump came into the seat, where the general question was, “What will some of these landscapes look like once the wall cuts through them?” Rowan took his second trip (funded by RAC) to the border November through December of 2018. This leg was more recon-oriented, holding in mind what he had learned from doing the first pass. Rowan documented the cultural differences and the part of the land that is a gradient of these cultural shifts, languages, and landscapes.

While Rowan was on the trip, he asked people to look at a photograph that he has taken and point out which side was which. Most times people were wrong. There is life on both sides of this line culture does not stop there, it’s deeply integrated and part of America’s Southwest history. In this exhibition, you will experience the interconnectedness of the two countries and the culture that is created there.

Josh Rowan is originally from Southern Illinois but has been living in St. Louis, MO for over 25 years. Rowan has been designing and illustrating for most of his adult life, some of his most recognized work can be seen on the cans of 4 Hands beers, 1220 Spirits Origin Gin, Saint Louis Magazine, Sump, Pi, Tower Classic Tattoo, The Lion’s Daughter and Indian Blanket, and more. As an avid photographer of over 20 years, this will be Rowan’s first book of photography.

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