With the abundance of New Year’s Eve parties in the Lou, you may be wondering what sets one above the rest. Look no further than Ballpark Village, downtown St. Louis’s crown jewel of party zones.

The district’s New Year’s Eve Live! party, themed “Make It Rain,” offers two all-inclusive ticket packages featuring access to five venues under one roof, all-you-can-drink beverages, premium dinner buffet, party favors, midnight champagne toast, live DJs and cash confetti at midnight as well as the only ball drop in St. Louis.

“We knew we would have a huge crowd so we had to do something fun and crazy — something new we’ve never tried before,” says Ballpark Village Director of Marketing Gwen Ginger. “People love confetti so we said, ‘Why not incorporate dollar bills?’”

At the stroke of midnight, about $3,000 will shoot from two cash cannons on the second floor raining down onto the first. “There will be confetti built into that as well, so it’s a very cool effect,” she says. “You won’t be able to grab hundreds of dollars, but you may be able to get a few bucks.” The event will also feature a cash box filled with about $2,000 worth of dollar bills. “We’ll pick someone every hour to go inside and grab as much cash as they can,” she explains.

Ballpark Village will also have the only ball drop in the city. “The ball is about 10 feet in diameter and has 50,000 flashing LED lights,” Ginger says, adding that Ballpark Village is capable of high-level production no other place in the city can match. “We don’t just have a ball drop and cash confetti,” she explains. “We have a simultaneous countdown with [400 pounds of] CO2 [creating smoke] and flashing lights. It is such an insane production. … At midnight, we will reach 120 decibels on the DB meter — super loud. … And being in the same room as thousands of people as everyone counts down is unlike anything else.”

With access to five venues, you won’t feel the need to go elsewhere. “You can get so many experiences within your group of friends even if you have different tastes; there’s something for everybody,” Ginger says. “Simultaneously, there will be a DJ in Budweiser Brew House, PBR and FOX Sports Midwest Live! starting at 7 p.m. Our main entertainment starts at 10:30 — the act that the room just goes insane for — DJ Dynamix, who does an unbelievable job. We had him last year and he’s great.”

With $12,000 worth of splashy décor, the Make It Rain theme will astonish partiers as soon as they step inside the complex. “Our ceiling is so huge, so it’s hard to come up with installations that are impactful,” she says. “There will be dozens of umbrellas attached to a netting system. When we decided on umbrellas, it quickly spiraled into getting a cash machine and hiring umbrella dancers. And our emcee, DJ Haze from our radio partner Now 96.3, is going to be dressed in a cash suit.”

Save some money by purchasing your tickets in advance. Gold general admission tickets are $75 in advance and $95 at the door. Platinum VIP tickets are $110 in advance and $130 at the door.

Gold tickets, which will max out at 3,500 people, include access to all five venues, party favors — crowns, noise-makers, glasses, hats and more — three party DJs followed by DJ Dynamix from L.A. as the main stage headliner, an all-inclusive beverage package from 8 p.m. to midnight as well as a midnight champagne toast.

For those looking to get dinner and extra drinking time during their night out, the Platinum VIP package is the best option. This package includes all of the above as well as an extra hour of all-inclusive beverages beginning at 7 p.m. instead of 8 p.m. VIPs also get a premium buffet at either Budweiser Brew House or Cardinals Nation. “Both of them spared no expense,” Ginger says.

Budweiser Brew House Platinum VIP Buffet includes: Beef with mushroom demi glaze, grilled salmon with dill cream sauce, smoked pork loin with apple cherry salad, lobster mac and cheese, mushroom risotto, brie mash, squash medley, green beans and onions, wild green salad, dinner rolls with honey walnut butter and dessert display.

Cardinals Nation Platinum VIP Buffet includes: Mixed green salad, classic Caesar salad, roasted golden and red beet quinoa salad, roasted squash medley, sun-dried tomato Yukon mashed, honey chipotle glazed chicken, shrimp and saffron risotto, carved prime rib and assorted desserts.

And if all that still hasn’t convinced you Ballpark Village is the place to be on the biggest party night of the year, “If you’re not here on New Year’s Eve, then you’ll feel like you missed out,” Ginger says.

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