Left Bank Books presents author and independent consultant Jason Makansi, who will sign and discuss his new book, Painting by Numbers: How to Sharpen Your BS Detector and Smoke Out the Experts(Layla Dog Press, December 2016), on Thursday, July 27, 7pm, at Left Bank Books (399 N. Euclid). This event is free and open to the public, but proof of purchase of Painting By Numbers from Left Bank Books will be required to enter the signing line. 

In the public sphere, numbers are supposed to be more solid than words, less subjective. They are not. “The numbers don’t lie,” say experts. Yet they very often do. Numerical results are used to further the political, business, academic, and personal objectives of those who wield them. If you’ve ever poured over election polling data, argued about climate change, or read an article describing the latest study on a topic you care about, Painting By Numbers is for you. Written in an entertaining and approachable style with humorous illustrations to help explain complex modeling concepts, Painting by Numbers is essential for anyone seeking to make sense of the numbers shaping modern society. 

Of Painting by Numbers, Dr. Elton McGoun, accounting and business professor at Bucknell University, says, “There’s a desperate need for every literate person to understand this.” Mark Glaess, former executive director of Minnesota Rural Electric Association, claims, “I read it without stopping. Some examples are brilliant, some are hilarious. All are disturbingly relevant.” 

Jason Makansi is president of Pearl Street, an independent consulting firm, and the author of three books of non-fiction, including Lights Out: The Electricity Crisis, the Global Economy, and What It Means to You, widely reviewed by the nation’s top media outlets. Makansi earned his BS in chemical engineering from Columbia University, has taken courses towards a graduate degree in sociology, and has built a career in technology deployment consulting in the electricity industry. He regularly communicates about complex technical subjects to those with a need to know but not necessarily the background or experience. 

Jason Makansi will discuss Painting by Numbers, answer questions, and sign books. This event is free and open to the public, but proof of purchase of Painting by Numbers from Left Bank Books will be required to enter the signing line. Books for signing are available from Left Bank Books in advance or at the event. For more information, call 314.367.6731 or visit left-bank.comM

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