Ani DiFranco continues her legacy of musical inspiration and activism with the latest leg of her “Rise Up” tour, which arrived at The Pageant on June 9th with newcomer Haley Heynderickx.

In addition, EMILY’s List, an American political action committee that aims to help elect pro-choice Democratic female candidates to office, will be a partner on the “Rise Up” tour. DiFranco joined the EMILY’s List Creative Council last year, joining the initiative to reach new, diverse groups of voters who will support women running up and down the ballot.

Continuing her commitment to causes, Ani is also headlining the LEAF Festival in Black Mountain NC on May 13. The Festival supports LEAF Community Arts, a non-profit organization that builds community, connecting cultures and enriching lives through the arts. She hits the Clearwater Music Festival on June 16, which is produced by the nonprofit, member-supported, environmental organization Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, Inc. All proceeds go directly to support Clearwater’s environmental research, education and advocacy efforts to help preserve and protect the Hudson River and its tributaries, as well as communities in the river valley.

DiFranco’s latest album BINARY was released in June 2017 to glowing reviews. With BINARY, the iconic singer/songwriter/activist/poet/DIY trendsetter returned to territory that brought her to the world’s attention more than twenty-five years ago. Ani was one of the first artists to create her own label in 1990, and she has been recognized among the feminist pantheon for her entrepreneurship, social activism, and outspoken political lyrics. Critics and fans alike have praised BINARY, DiFranco’s twentieth album. American Songwriter raved, “DiFranco stretches musical muscles to stay inspired on Binary. She continues to speak her mind with the pride, ferocity and integrity that has shaped an impressively rebellious career.” With an exclusive “First Listen” of the album, NPR Music claimed. “…it could be the record that wakes you up to the world.” More info at:

(Photo by GMDThree)